Mitsubishi L200 Cab Roof Rack

(For Professional Roofing Business)


Mike came to Lifes Adventure Overland looking for a heavy-duty racking system for his Mitsubishi L200, so he could comfortably and safely carry equipment for his roofing business such as ladders.

Due to time constraints, Mike and LAO decided to create a bespoke cab roof rack first and install a bed mounted roof rack at a later date. This rack would include other design features such as rollers to aid Mike with carrying equipment for his business.

Mike asked for the cab rack design to include side rails, and a lower front loop rail, so that extra long loads could be carried (over hanging the windscreen).

We fabricated the bespoke cab roof rack from lightweight tubular steel, which was first zinc coated to protect against rust, then powder coated in gloss black for extra durability.


If you are interested in a cab or bed roof rack for your truck, please do not hesitate to contact Lifes Adventure Overland with any ideas or specifications you might have.