Bespoke dog travel crate


bespoke. custom. engineered.

Moja is a smart Jack Russel Terrier and has been able to escape (and destroy!) many travel crates over the past few months, so Jess commissioned us to make a "Moja proof" travel crate, that also matched the colour of her VW MK3 Golf!

The internal frame was constructed using steel box section, with three of the sides comprising steel mesh for ventilation. Jess chose three solid steel sides to enable Moja to have more privacy when travelling or staying with friends.

The crate was then powdercoated to match her "Dragon Green" coloured MK3 Golf.

If you are interested in a bespoke dog travel crate (tailored specifically to fit your vehicle), please do not hesitate to contact Lifes Adventure Overland with any ideas or specifications you might have.