Bespoke. Custom. engineered.

Amy is an large animal vet and wanted to take her two collies out on visits with her whilst she was travelling around the countryside. However, trying to fit all of her veterinary kit alongside two dogs safely wasn't easy. Hence, she commissioned Lifes Adventure Overland to fabricate a bespoke tailgate guard that would work alongside her pre-installed veterinary drawer system. She also wanted the option for the tailgate to be easily removable along with the pre-installed drawers, so she could take her car away for long weekends.

We discussed various designs and decided on a hinged door with bolt, fabricated out of steel box section and steel mesh. It was then powder coated for durability and aesthetics.

My custom tail gate guard is the perfect solution to taking my dogs to work with me. I know they are safe and secure whilst I’m driving and it’s great to be able to open the boot without having to worry about the dogs jumping out. On warm days it allows me to leave the boot open when parked so that the dogs have plenty of airflow and don’t overheat. It fits my car exactly and the powder coated surface not only looks smart but is easy to clean (important when you have two mud loving collies!). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lifes Adventure Overland to anyone in need of a custom solution to keeping their four legged family members safely contained in the car!
— Amy

If you are interested in a bespoke tail gate guard for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact Lifes Adventure Overland with any ideas or specifications you might have.