Mitsubishi l200

The summer 2019 update is here!

Read below to find out what’s been going on with the L200 project truck!

The long awaited update is here!

Our Mitsubishi L200 has recently undergone some major upgrades. In short, we’ve made it into our ideal overlander. A new chassis mount canopy, suspension and wheel upgrades, some home comforts to our roof tent, and some interior comforts too!

Carry on reading to see the process ad check out the pictures to see for yourself what we have been up to!

In early 2018 it was decided that we were going to design and fabricate our own chassis mount canopy. The first iteration was to be completed for the spring edition of the 2018 Adventure Overland Show. Since then we’ve been putting it through its paces, making updates here and there and checking it was suitable for what we wanted.

Inside the canopy we fitted our fridge slide, (soon to be replaced by our drop down version), the second battery and split charge system, an inverter, our on board air system and the roof tent.

While we fabricated our custom chassis mount canopy, we decided to go all in. On the list to do was a new cat back stainless steel exhaust and an additional fuel tank. With the original tray taken off from the car it was the perfect time to get it all fitted.

The initial test run to the AOS Spring edition was successful, with all the upgrades working well. This then pushed us to go even further.

Outside, we fitted the roof tent directly to the top and the awning to the side, mounted with custom brackets.

To the front of the truck we fitted our bespoke twin Jerry can holders to the existing front roof rack.

We later went on to fit a 40mm lift kit to the truck along with a winch bumper and winch.

Early in 2019 we decided to add some more storage to the truck. The canopy had been designed to have a ’hidden’ drawer in the back. We added the drawer in, using heavy duty sliders, allowing us to house our recovery gear inside.

We also decided to upgrade some of our wiring, in preparation for bigger things coming, we wanted all holes and changes to the canopy to be done, so it was the perfect time to add some USB charging units to the RTT, along with an interior light. We also added some new lighting to the inside of the canopy, and upgraded some of the switches to more suitable components.


We also fabricated some rock sliders for the vehicle. We wanted a little bit of protection from things that could catch on the canopy, so a small kick out at the rear of the car was incorporated into them. Painted in raptor they aid the look of the truck and are functional too.

With the L200 nearly where we wanted it, we decided it was time for some fresh paint! The canopy had proven its worth and the decision was made to get it painted black. Not wanting the interior to be too dark, we opted for a light grey inside. The truck got stripped down, and the whole body was resprayed in black. All the accessories got a fresh coat of black raptor to help it all come together.

We’re very happy with how the L200 has turned out in its new paint. Check out instagram and facebook for more regular updates!


2017 / 2018

Black Rocks Sands near Porthmadog, North Wales in May 2017.

Black Rocks Sands near Porthmadog, North Wales in May 2017.


We purchased the Mitsubishi L200 as another platform that had huge potential to be a reliable overlander.

When we acquired the L200, it had been dressed in all of the accessories from a chrome catalogue.

It very quickly started to change. We replaced the wheels and tyres, de-chromed, added a canopy and snorkel and upgraded the interior sound deadening.

It was at this point that the real work started, as we had to prepare for a UK adventure! So we made a double roof rack and refurbished the canopy, along with a few suspension upgrades.


After a successful shakedown of the racks in the Lake District (UK), we started to prepare for a European overlanding adventure. This included building fully fitted full length drawers for the bed; building a battery and storage box to replace the rear seats; installing a dual battery system with inverter; installing an awning and a fridge.

This set has worked perfectly for us so far. Since our two big adventures, we've added sign writing and made a small change to the rear rack to remove flex.