Mitsubishi Shogun CUstom Storage Solution


bespoke. custom. engineered.

Matt came to Lifes Adventure Overland looking for a bespoke storage solution for his Mitsubishi Mk 3 Shogun. His main requirement was for a strong sleeping platform with storage underneath, comprising of two storage lockers at the front, and two heavy duty fully extendable drawers at the rear. The drawer sliders were weighted to 230kg, so tools and heavy equipment could be stored safely. Matt asked for one of the rear extendable drawers to be 400mm wide, so he could fit a kitchen unit at a later date.

Lifes Adventure Overland created the frame and drawers from steel box section, which was then zinc coated to protect against rust, then powder coated in gloss black for extra durability. Laser cut steel tabs were welded onto the drawers and lockers to enable Matt to ply line the drawers himself to his own specific design at a later date.

Matt was in the process of installing a dual battery system to his Shogun for his overlanding adventures, and asked us to fabricate a battery tray with appropriate metal securing strap in order for it to sit behind one of the rear wheel arches. It was fabricated from steel, and again powder coated in gloss black to match the storage system.

If you are interested in a bespoke storage solution for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact Lifes Adventure Overland with any ideas or specifications you might have.