volkswagen beetle

Where to start with the beetle. Well, I bought it years ago with a view to restore it. I had to replace nearly every panel on the body and both floor pans, it was very rusty. Every component on the car was renewed or refurbished including a full engine rebuild.

I finished the build just in time to be used for my wedding. Since starting the build I had wanted it very low with some rake and small skinny front tyres with larger rear tyres. Whilst I enjoyed the car like this, constantly coming into contact with the floor became boring, that and not being able to take passengers unless the roads was very smooth. Damage to the chassis was the nail in the coffin for the car being low. 

Class 11 desert racing bugs had always appealed to me, so I decided to change the look of the beetle to look more like them.

I fitted some all terrain tyres; repaired the frame head; repaired and modified the front beam and adjusted the rear suspension to gain more ride height.

One of the problems with fitting much larger tyres is that the spare wheel doesn't fit in the standard location. I decided I wanted to have the spare wheel on the roof, which meant making a heavy duty roof rack that would also have some driving lights mounted to it.